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Vertical Materials Mixing Machine

●Blades produced using special technology to make a barrel of uniform material mixing between 1 times faster than similar products;
●The barrel body applies taper bottom with profile modeling Blades, instantly and evenly mix materials with high efficiency;
●Mixing Blades and the barrel body are made of stainless steel, the Blades can be removed for maintenance, thus prolonging the service life;
●Profile modeling closed mixing, high capacity, convenient operation;
●Directly drive with motor, drop power consumption without sliding;
●The mixing time is set according to actual requirement, timing stop.

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Technical Reference

Model Mixing capacity(Kg) Motor power(Kw) Rotary speed(r/min) Appearance size(mm) Weight(kg)
HVM25J 25 0.75 80 720x670×9000 90
HVM50J 50 1.5 80 850x810×1070 120
HVM100J 100 3 80 1020 x980x1360 170
HVM150J 150 4 68 1150x1050x1400 230
HVM200J 200 5.5 68 1300x1180×1500 320
HVM300J 300 7.5 58 1450×1350×1650 380

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