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RB1062 Automatic Rubber Injection Molding Machine

1. The Movement Mechanism Is Under The Gear Transmis-Sion Computer Digital Control,Stable In Movementandaccurate In Positioning.
2. The Mold Clamping And Locking Mechanism Is In Au-Nique Structure Format With Greater Mold Clamping Andlocking Force, Fora Niceappearance Of Products With-Out Flashes And Burrs.
3. The Mold Rolling Mechanism Is Safe And Reliable,Keasy To Removeand Change A Mold,With Alarge Spacefor Operation.
4. In A Reasonable Design,Easy To Install,Small Volandspace.
5. Compliant With Humanized Design,Easy To Operate,Au-Tomatic Mold Opening&Closing,Saving Labor Cost.
6. Adopting Intelligent Man-Machine Interface And Plcprogramn Control,With Precise Measurement.

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Two-color rubber sole injection molding machine redefines the rubber sole molding process, combined with European and Italian process technology, is a new generation of rubber injection molding machine, which can be used for the production of monochrome rubber soles and some two-color soles. The raw material for the production of the sole of this equipment is traditional rubber raw material, without increasing the production cost of raw materials; Old molds of traditional rubber can also be used for direct production; The equipment is suitable for a variety of rubber (except silicone rubber) compared with traditional production equipment:

1, reduce labor costs: fully automated, compared with the traditional process can reduce 50% of workers, one person can operate 4-6 sites.

2, improve production efficiency: automatic feeding and automatic metering, workers only need to take products on time operation.

3, improve the production quality: stable hydraulic transmission system provides stable injection pressure to make the sole density uniform, pattern clear.

4, reduce the waste of rubber material.

Full automation, easy operation, low labor; With automatic feeding, weighing, plasticizing preheating, vulcanization and automatic opening and closing of the mold, workers only need to remove the sole of the finished product from the mold. It saves the tedious and highly manual operation process such as cutting material, weighing, mold entry and exit/opening and closing required by ordinary machines; The production time of each mold is greatly shortened, and a worker can simultaneously operate a machine with 6 stations (6 sets of molds); Improve the efficiency of the whole process, but also ensure the quality of the finished product. Low energy consumption, less flash waste. The mold is closed before the glue is injected, which improves the yield of the product and keeps the loss of heat and electric energy at a low level. High quality. The sole produced by the injection process has more uniform density and thickness, stable performance and improved the intrinsic quality of the product. The wear rate of the mold is basically 0. High precision, control, size, and more detailed expression of pattern details can meet the production of more complex mold structures. A wider range of injection materials, suitable for injection of most types of rubber materials, and mixing other materials. Meet the market demand of Pang. A wider range of molds. Suitable for most high-end equipment customized footwear mold, to meet the quality needs of high-end customers. Two-color products can do not cross color, so that the side of the sole color adhesion boundary is more clear, to help customers easily solve high quality requirements. CE certification. From Europe, better understand the requirements of CE safety compliance mark, flexible on the basis of the terms of CE, so that customers are more assured to use. Real-time monitoring. High standard control system and fault diagnosis system, user-friendly PLC interface can be set at any time, injection volume, temperature, exhaust and other parameters, graphic combination is easier for workers to understand and operate. PLC can display the location of the fault in real time, guide the operator to troubleshoot the fault in a short time, reduce the mold damage caused by improper operation, and ensure the accuracy and life of the mold. Maintenance is simple. The accessories of full reputation machinery are universal accessories, easy to purchase, convenient maintenance and replacement, saving maintenance costs and time for customers. Remote online service. Shoe machine can be connected through the Internet, online troubleshooting and maintenance services for customers.

Technical Reference

Model RB 260 RB 660 RB 860
Work Stations  2  6 8
No.ofscrew And Barrel ( Barrel ) 1 1  1
Screw Diameter ( mm ) 60 60 60
Injection Pressure ( Bar/cm2 ) 1200 1200 1200
Injection Rate ( G/s ) 0-200 0-200 0-200
Speed Of Screw ( R/min ) 0-120 0-120 0-120
Clamping Force ( kn) 200 200 200 Of Mould ( mm ) 420*360*280 420*360*280 420*360*280
Heating Power ( Kw ) 20 40 52
Power Of Motor ( Kw ) 11.2 33.6 44.8
System Pressure ( Mpa ) 14 14 14
Machine Dimension L*W*H (M) 1.9*3.3*1.96 5.7*3.3*1.96 7.3*3.3*1.96
Machine Weight (T) 6.8 15.8 18.8

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