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10P WAter cooled chiller

Features: The new KTD series industrial chiller is mainly suitable for the plastic industry, which can accurately control the temperature of the plastic molding mold to shorten the molding cycle and accelerate the product styling; The series uses the principle of cold and heat exchange for cooling, which can be quickly cooled and temperature control is stable. It is not affected by environmental factors and is an indispensable configuration equipment in modern industry.

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Scope of application: plastic industry, electroplating industry, food industry, electronic products industry, dyeing industry, ultrasonic mechanical cooling and other industries.

· Insulation design of all pipes to prevent local convection of body pipes; · Cooling temperature range :5°C~35"C;

· Independent temperature controller for anti-freezing protection; · Stainless steel insulated water tank;

· Phase sequence protection of control line, high and low voltage switch control of refrigerant system; · Shell and tube condenser, better heat transfer effect, faster heat dissipation;

· Compressor and pump have overload protection;

· Large capacity shell and tube evaporator, good cooling effect, can be applied to high temperature environment; · R22 refrigerant, good cooling effect;

· Optional R407C environmental refrigerant, closer to nature.

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