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MGPU-800L Rotary(Disc-Belt)Production Line

● Labor Saving Energy Saving;Long Service Lifeand Stable Operation.
● According To The Space Limitation To Design The Output,Min Diameter 5m,Max Diameter14m.
● Wide Application Change Different Mold Die Set Can Produce Different Products.
● Easy Operation,Maintain Convenience,Workshop Cleaning,Small Floor Area Occupied
● Rotary Automatic Transfer,Robot Automatic Pouring,Auto-Switch Mould,Automatic Spray Mold Release Agent,Etc.,High Degree Of Automation.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Functional Configuration

Shape 3(1)
Shape 5(1s)

Automatic Robots For Release Agent

Shape 5(1ss)

Automatic Opening Closing System Of Mould

Shape 7(1)

Two-Dimensional Robot Arm (Automatic Pouring)

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