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Auxiliary Machines

  • 10P  WAter cooled chiller

    10P WAter cooled chiller

    Features: The new KTD series industrial chiller is mainly suitable for the plastic industry, which can accurately control the temperature of the plastic molding mold to shorten the molding cycle and accelerate the product styling; The series uses the principle of cold and heat exchange for cooling, which can be quickly cooled and temperature control is stable. It is not affected by environmental factors and is an indispensable configuration equipment in modern industry.

  • Double Glazed Crusher

    Double Glazed Crusher

    The whole machine adopts high hardness steel template, and is solid and durable;

    Double glazed on all sides into the hopper, low noise;

    Shaft made of special material processing, not easily deformed;

    Cutter use SKD11 alloy steel, high strength, toughness, and so prone to breaking;

    Feeding hopper, cutter and filter can be separated with easy disassembling and cleaning;

    Motor is installed with overload protection and safe switches for assuring safety.

  • Vertical Materials Mixing Machine

    Vertical Materials Mixing Machine

    ●Blades produced using special technology to make a barrel of uniform material mixing between 1 times faster than similar products;
    ●The barrel body applies taper bottom with profile modeling Blades, instantly and evenly mix materials with high efficiency;
    ●Mixing Blades and the barrel body are made of stainless steel, the Blades can be removed for maintenance, thus prolonging the service life;
    ●Profile modeling closed mixing, high capacity, convenient operation;
    ●Directly drive with motor, drop power consumption without sliding;
    ●The mixing time is set according to actual requirement, timing stop.