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BS220 Staic Machines For The Production Of One/Two-Colored Soles In Thermoplastic Macterials

With 35 Years Of Experience In The Field Of Static Machines, Andnearly 5000 Units Soldin The World,Global Bs/150 Is The Resultofa Successful Research Aimed At The Cost Production And Market-Ing Orientation. Global Bs/150 Mainlyincludes Two Types Extrud-Er And Screw-Piston, For The Production Of One Or Two Coloredsolesln All Kinds Of Thermoplastic Materials(Tr,Tpr,Pvc,Tpu).

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Closing pressure 220 tons

The sole machine is a vertical sole machine, also known as TR sole machine, flip sole machine, TPU two-color sole machine, TR two-color machine, TR injection machine, mainly labor saving, power saving special mechanical equipment, covers less land, easy to operate, products without raw edge, no trimming, the whole machine warranty

Technical Terms Unit Extruder Screw-piston
Mould-holder N. 2
Mould Clamping Force ton 220
Mould Opening Stroke mm max.370
Mould Thickness mm max.120
Max.mould Size mm 480×550 480×550
Injection Unit
Number Of Extruder N. 4
Number Of Injectors N. 4
Screw Diameter mm 66 65 55 45
Screw Speed r.p.m 226 160 130 160
Injiction Volume cc 750 1000 720 480
Plasticizing Capacity kg/h 45 100
Power Installed
Total Installed Power kW kW 76.38 46
Average Consumption
Electrical Energy kWh 8 15
Air NL/min 200
Refrigeration Units frig/h 12000
Net Weight Kg 9500 9800
Length mm 2200
Width mm 2700
Height mm 2600

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